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My name is Shadi and I'm a social media specialist and content creator. I've grown my channels organically to over 3M followers and 200M views through creating engaging content. I've collaborated with reputable brands on digital campaigns as well as events. My work has been featured by 9GAG, Lovin Dubai, Sharon Stone, What’s On, Gulf News, Khaleej Times & more. Prior to social media, I've worked for Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Canon in sales & marketing. Now, after partnering with a team of creatives and using my in-depth knowledge, I want to help businesses enhance their social media presence. 



Creative Arrangment


Proven impact

Firsthand experience

Viral content experience 

Focus on stories rather than ads

Focus on organic rather than paid

Deep understanding of platforms’ values

Deep understanding of consumer behavior

Deep understanding of social media algorithms 


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Dealing with objectives & challenges.

I will identify your social objectives and devise a plan on how to achieve them. We will also look at the current & potential challenges and how to address them using effective and proven strategies.

Making your media social.

I'll help manage your social media’s social aspect. How does media become social? Just like any human: By being approachable, friendly & helpful. Approachable - easy to navigate through & understand. Friendly - cooperative & easy to communicate with. Helpful - insightful & adds value.

Stopping the endless scrolling.

You want people to stop and spend more than a second of their time on your post as if it were an art piece? Then give them a piece of art. Simple as that. I'll help you create engaging & unconventional content which isn’t just hard to forget, but easy to remember.


There’s a reason why consumers generally don’t talk about or share advertisements with their friends or family. It’s because they’re usually predictable, uncreative or simply unrelatable. I will put together a strategy that attracts, entertains and educates your target audience.

Organic over paid, usually.

Organic food is expensive. Organic reach is free! I like free and I'm good at it but sometimes, depending on your objectives, you'd need to pay for extra exposure. I'll devise a strategy that consists of developing a target audience, allocating ad spend and ensuring consistency & effectiveness in communicating your message.

Impactful collaborations.

I will help source the most relevant influencers to your business needs depending on your objectives, whether it’s awareness, engagement or purely conversions. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach; therefore, the influencer selection process will be conducted thoroughly.




How long will the consultation be? 

60 minutes. 

Do you offer longer term packages?

Yes, we can discuss that after the call.

Do you offer content creation services?

Yes, we can discuss that after the call.

I have more questions, where can I reach you?

Email me on

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